August 17, 2021

Ashley and Peter’s Wedding

July 17, 2021. It was a long time coming for these two. Ashley and Peter have been together long enough to produce two beautiful children who were an important part of their big day! Their ceremony and reception took place at Tewksbury in downtown Buffalo, NY., a venue new to me so I was just as excited as the Bride and Groom! Although the weather was not the best, it did clear up nicely immediately after the ceremony for us to get some beautiful shots of the couple. Ashley was nothing less than stunning in her wedding gown and I think the pictures prove just that. The party was tons of fun, but one thing that caught my eye was Peter and Ashley’s rapport with their children throughout the evening. It was pure love watching the interaction between parent and child. This family will be together forever. Congrats to Ashley and Peter as well as Avery and Ayden!!





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