February 17, 2022

Chris and Dennis Get Married…RD 2

January 22, 2022. Chris and Dennis were like many couples in 2021. They had a grand wedding planned for themselves, family and friends and then…Covid struck. Undeterred, they made the best of it and had a micro-wedding in January 2021. Just close friends and immediate family were there to celebrate their official union as a couple, but it was not what the two of them had envisioned. So on to 2022 and the real deal! The ceremony, as well as the full reception, was held at The Reikart House in Amherst, NY. It was my first time to photograph at this venue and I was very impressed! I considered myself fortunate as I was able to photograph both ceremonies for Chris and Dennis and I was so happy for them that they were able to celebrate in the fashion they always wanted. Congratulations to two wonderful guys! Much love and luck to you on your journey through life together!





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