September 24, 2021

Halee and Matt’s Wedding

September 5, 2021. Oh boy. What can I say about Halee and Matt’s wedding day? Epic? Crazy? Off the hook? Magnificent? I could probably go on and still would not be able to describe how wonderful this day was. Both sides of the family were unbelievably cordial and FUN! After their beautiful ceremony in East Aurora, the reception was held at Knox Farm State Park where we had the run of the mansion and the surrounding grounds for pictures. I was looking forward to this day and it did not disappoint. The weather turned out perfect as was Halee in her stunning gown. Matt was no slap in the face either! Their entire wedding party was ravishing. The party was held in an outdoor tent and the festivities and dancing went on non-stop. This was a day I will long not forget. Congrats to Halee and Matt and thank you for providing a day worth remembering!





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