October 22, 2018

Maggie and Frankie’s Wedding

When one speaks of being unique, one may be speaking of Maggie and Frankie. Two peas in one pod as the saying goes. Maggie and Frankie travelled to Maggie’s hometown of Buffalo, NY for their wedding and reception held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church Grotto in Bowmansville, NY and Park Country Club in Amherst, NY. Friends and family from near and far gathered to offer their love and best wishes. This couples’ vows were a joy to hear. Both Maggie and Frankie’s humor were evident making the crowd laugh during the ceremony. Their personalities shown brightly throughout the ceremony. The humor was carried on to the reception where everyone had a grand time. This was my last wedding of the year and one I will not soon forget. Oh and I almost forgot…they had a Bagpiper! I love the Bagpipe! What a way to end a fantastic year! All my best to Maggie and Frankie!