September 21, 2018

Monima and Andrew’s Wedding

September 15, 2018. What can I say about this ceremony except Wow! Monima is of Indian heritage and Andrew is of Egyptian descent. The ceremony took place at Rochester’s Saints Peter & Paul Coptic Orthodox Church. What? You don’t know what Coptic Orthodox is? Neither did I! But after asking some questions and doing a little research online, it turned out to be the most fascinating ceremony I have ever seen! Outfits, People, Colors, Priests, Chanting prayers and more! I was caught a bit off guard, but quickly came to my senses to grab some gorgeous photos. At a “regular” wedding event, I am able to follow the ceremony and anticipate what will be happening. Not this one. This is one reason why it was so exciting. After the 1 hour 15 minute ceremony, I took a second to gather my thoughts as to what I had just witnessed and it was nothing short of magnificent. Thank you to Monima and Andrew for allowing me to be part of your big day. I only hope the images tell a small part of your story.




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