October 8, 2021

Sarah and Kurt’s Wedding Day

September 25, 2021. As many couples have done in 2021, Sarah and Kurt had a small, intimate ceremony in 2020 to be officially married and then celebrate their union by holding their reception in 2021. I, for one, am so glad they did! The day turned out amazing! Their ceremony was held outdoors at Buffalo’s Botanical Gardens witnessed by many more friends and family that could not be in attendance the year before. The weather was wonderful. Following some fun shots inside the Gardens, it was off to downtown Buffalo for more with Sarah and Kurt in tow. After an hour so so, we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful scenery surrounding their reception venue, Niagara Crossing Hotel and Spa. While traveling to the site, I noticed the clouds and threat of rain as I got closer. I was hoping the rain would hold off, but the clouds to remain as I had a shot in mind I wanted to pursue. Luckily, everything turned out exactly as planned. Sarah and Kurt’s party was off the hook! What a great day and night! We even had Irish Dancers entertain the crowd! Congratulations to two wonderful people!





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