April 28, 2022

Susan and David Get Married

April 16, 2022. Susan and David are not your traditional couple in the sense that both are slightly more experienced than your typical young couple tying the knot. During our initial consultation, David asked since they were a little older than my normal young couple, how would I change how I would photograph them during their wedding day. I looked straight in his eye and replied, “I wouldn’t change a darn thing”. And I didn’t! Susan and David’s road to the alter was a complicated one, but they eventually made it and the day was beautiful. Susan was able to have her 90 year old father walk her down the aisle for the first time and she also wore her mother’s wedding dress that was first worn 60 years ago. The ceremony took place at The Schoolhouse Wellness Center in Lockport, NY followed by a low key reception for close friends and family at The Alternative Grounds Cafe in Middleport, NY. Arrangements were made to take additional pictures at the recently refurbished Bent’s Opera House in Medina, NY, and WOW!, what a cool place! Congratulations go to these two! Here’s to a happy and long lasting relationship together!





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